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In this series of Educational videos, we will be walking you through basic camera functions all the way to professional use of camera, lighting, posing and business assistance. We will also be compiling advanced classes and showing you how to use technical skills to shape your work and better yourself as an artist. The only set back we have, is that we are limited on funding so that we can provide you with more of a one on one experience, seminars and make these classes affordable only for our Las Cruces Community. This is why we are also reaching out for your support and donations located on this page is a donation button we encourage any amount because, yes every bit helps us not only keep our doors open but we promise that with this funding we will also begin to provide business and school scholarships to our Las Cruces Community, so that goals and dreams can be reached in the media field. 

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In this series of videos we will be walking you through the basic camera functions. From beginners all the way to advanced step by step.

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