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About Us

We are Dee & Steph born and raised in New Mexico. We met over 9 years ago, became friends and 7 years later we found ourselves inseparable. Drawn to one another by a pull neither of us could understand at the moment. Fast forward to the present we are married and have a blended family of 7! A true yours, mine and ours story! Which we absolutely love! We have been put through many, many trials in our relationship as well as trying to raise 5 beautiful kiddos and co-parent!!! How do we do it all and keep our sanity! Only one way! GOD! Our rock, the foundation of our entire family and lifestyle. 


Our Business Story

Now, throw business owners in the mix and you will see that we truly are super, duper busy people!

We always felt called to be examples of God's love to our clients.


In our business life our goal is to truly live our lives and manage our business and client

relationships that reflect our relationship with the Lord! 

We have been professional photographers for over 12 years and now we endeavor into continuing our

walk with Jesus to continue spreading the good news of our savior and turn others to Christ. 


Our brand is envisioned with one main message. That with the Lord all things are possible. When you allow Jesus into your heart, your unlock the Holy Spirit WTHN (Within) revealing new strength and faith. Pursuing who God's called you to be.

In 2020 the Lord pressed on our heart that it was time to retire our photography business Prophecy Studio and rebrand to WTHN Creative Group where we now offer full production services along with hand drawn designs printed on our Fatih based apparel. WTHN provides blessing and strength that speaks life and spreads Gods word

and constantly reminds us of HIS love for us!

Meet The Team

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